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Sing Masterclass Series 2017 coming events including Technique, Performance Stagecraft, Songwriting, Artist Development, Q & A Sessions, and more! 

 Nancy D’Agostino is the director of the Institute of Singing and previously the Institute of Performing Arts and the White Diamonds School of Modern Singing and Music Management. Nancy has a wealth of knowledge with over 25+ years experience in the Music and Performing Arts Industry and is proud to present the Sing Masterclass Series 2017 - Ultimate Holiday Program. 

Join Master Singing Teacher/Vocal Coach and Director Nancy D'Agostino for the Sing Master Class Series 2017, being kicked off with the Ultimate Holiday Program that will motivate, inspire and build confidence like no other.

From the studio to the stage Nancy has transformed Singing using Vocalology (TM) Song Dissection and Vocal Notation and will show you how to use it with your technique. Nancy will help you find your voice, expand your range, and teach you the techniques that get really results. Imagine singing through the Sing Scale Warm-Up Program and Set Repertoire with Nancy guiding you through, every step of the way and exploring performance through song. 

Let Nancy take you into the world of Singing, the audition process and what it takes to be an Artist today and so much more. Be part of the demonstrations and show us what you can do. Or sit back and just take it all in, in this beautiful venue theatre style setting.  Get up close and personal with a Q & A, talk back and photo session. A range of topics will be covered per day to help you progress with  technique and set repertoire in a fun and awesome environment with like minded singers. 

This 4 day event is the Ultimate Holiday Program. Book your all inclusive ticket  and be treated to lunch and afternoon tea and a copy of the set repertoire to sing with.   Attendees are reminded  to bring a note book and pen for note taking but this is optional. Book for a day or two or three or all 4 days to get the most out of your Singing Voice and Technique. Are you ready to take the next step!

Book the Sing Masterclass Series 2017 - Ultimate Holiday Program and lets get singing!​

All attendee's will complete the REGISTRATION FORM as part of check out when booking tickets, and will receive their copy of the HOLIDAY PROGRAM SCHEDULE by email nearing the event dates once the booking is confirmed. 

*Sing Master Class Series events will be recorded on video, taped on audio and include photography of the venue and attendee's and remain the property of the Institute of Singing along with all content, and may be used in future in promotion, publishing, social media platforms, educational products in various formats and other media. (c) Copyright Institute of Singing 2017.